Professor Abraham Van Helsing- Oddball scientist and former professor of Jack Seward's. He is called to help explain the strange goings on in London.  He has either been hunting vampires and is man's last hope against the coming plague or a deranged serial killer who has fooled everyone.

Dr Jack Seward - Runs the Insane Asylum next to the Westenra home, he is madly in love with Lucy Westenra who has become engaged to his friend.  His obsession with Lucy may be driving him mad.

Quincey Morris - Texas Cowboy visiting his old friend Jack Seward in London. He is attracted to Lucy's best friend Mina Murray.

Arthur Holmwood- Soon to be British Lord who has become engaged to Lucy Westenra.  He is desperately in love with her and won't let anything stop him from being with her-- even death.

Mina Murray - The forward thinking independent woman who is engaged to Jon Harker but confused about her new attraction to the visiting Quincey while her fiance Jon Harker is away on business.

Jonathan Harker - Young solicitor with the PJ Hawkins firm who is sent on his first "real" assignment to meet with an important client in Transylvania.  Anxious to impress his employer, he fails to notice he has become a prisoner at Castle Dracula.

Count Dracula - The Vampire King who sets his sights on London as a launching point for his vampire army.

Victor Frankenstein - Patchwork man of genius intellect who is attempting to duplicate the Baron's accomplishments. He feels no loyalty to anyone so co operates with Hitler's men, at least for now.

Nope.  I've rethought the whole project and decided to start fresh, and the opportunity to work in full color was something I couldn't resist.  What has come out is a small press 'preview' of sorts of my original idea for the book, I've changed direction and decided to stay faithful to Bram Stoker.

Andy Fish is a seven time graphic novelist, his other works include THE TRAGIC TALE OF TURKY BOY; AN AMERICAN LOVE STORY and FLY; A TRUE STORY COMPLETELY MADE UP.  He is also a freelancer for DC Comics and currently working on a Batman project for them.  In addition he is writing a SHERLOCK HOLMES graphic novel being illustrated by his wife Veronica, and sharing the writing and art duties on a soon to be serialized pulp adventure character with graphic novelist Bret M. Herholz.

Veronica Fish is formerly Veronica Hebard whose fine art work has been shown in galleries all over the world.  She is also the artist of several short stories in graphic novel form and her first full length graphic novel PIRATES OF MARS is being released this year written by JJ Kahrs.

Jim Reil is himself a graphic novelist, having done THE PIED PIPER last year.

Andy has the utmost respect for Stoker's novel and considers it a true classic horror masterpiece.  It was written at a time when storytelling was very straightforward and characters were limited in their dimension.

One of the things that Andy wants to explore is the interpersonal relationships between the characters and the development that occurs over the course of the narrative.  For example; in the original book the characters of Quincey Morris, Jack Seward and Arthur Holmwood are very similar-- almost interchangeable.  All three are suitors of Lucy Westenra and seem perfectly 'british' in their stiff upper lip acceptance of her choice of fiance.

In this version there are reactions and ramifications to these events.  Seward becomes insanely jealous and Quincey admits he is more attracted to Lucy's visiting friend Mina Murray-- who is engaged to Jon Harker.

Harker, too, will undergo a change of character as he goes from timid young clerk to capable vampire hunter.